This is a simple website for practicing guitar.

Basically I make little loops and scale diagrams that go together. I find it helps me to work on playing leads while looking at the scale diagrams. That way I know what notes to play but over time hopefully the notes of the fretboard will etch themselves into my memory.

The root notes are shown in red and square-shaped, which you probably already figured out. The grayish dots below the diagram are supposed to represent the dots and double dots on your guitar fretboard.

For now I just have one scale diagram for each loop, but there are certainly other scales and notes you can play with any of these loops.

I’m sure I’ll make some mistakes on the scale diagrams (or some other aspect of the site) from time to time. If you find something wrong, please send me a note with a correction and I’ll fix as soon as possible.

I don’t do anything on this website to track how many people come here or where they come from. If you enjoy the site and want to say hello or have a question/comment, please feel free to drop me a note.